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About us

Welcome to Mr A+ Academy

Mr. A+ Academy is a tutoring center located in Oro Valley and East Tucson, Arizona whose sole dedication is to helping students achieve their best potential no matter what their learning level is.

At Mr. A+ Tutoring Academy we personally guarantee that all of our students will not only gain a greater competency in their mathematical abilities but also grow to love math. Our students will learn skills that not only apply to the classroom but much further beyond.

Besides numbers and figures, perhaps the only thing they feel as equally as passionate about is making math fun, understandable, and useful for everyone. Children are our future, and the future is math.  

Why choose our online tutoring services

When your child could use some extra help, fully understanding a given topic or subject in school, online tutoring can help. Even if your child usually gets good grades overall, it’s common for children to struggle with a particular subject or concept at some point during their school years. Online tutoring may be the perfect solution. 

Benefits of Having a Tutor

  • Flexible Schedule
  • Personalized Curriculum
  • One-on-One Learning
  • Cancel Anytime!
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