Classroom teachers know that routines help their students stay organized and on task. That’s why teachers have rules that govern how and when things get done.

Scientifically speaking, what is it about routines that help students strengthen their executive function and self-regulation skills. The answer has to do with brain development.

Brain patterns form during adolescence.

A study conducted at the National Institute of Mental Health in Bethesda, Maryland, found that kids’ brain architecture is not established by age 5 or 6 as was once believed. Instead, structural changes continue to occur, specifically to the prefrontal cortex, as children enter puberty. It’s not until kids enter their teen years that the brain hardwires those connections.

In layman’s terms, kids’ brains develop connections and patterns during early adolescence that will govern their executive functioning and self-control functions for the rest of their lives. That’s why instilling good habits through routines is critical to success in learning.

Routines in learning

Routines take on many different forms in a child’s academic career. Whether it’s a morning routine that kindergarten students perform or routines carried out during lab experiments in high school, kids tend to know what to expect in the classroom.

Today, online school and hybrid learning models have taken students out of those comfortable routines. It’s not been an easy transition for many students, leading to challenges like:

  • Understanding class expectations
  • Recognizing when assignments are due
  • Staying motivated
  • Getting distracted

Creating Routines for Online School

Teachers and parents alike can help students overcome these challenges by establishing routines. For example, if a student is participating in full-time distance learning, he or she would benefit from:

  • A daily schedule, including consistent meal and break times
  • A quiet place to work
  • Supplies and access to technology
  • Opportunities for physical activity every day

Teachers can help students succeed by:

  • Setting clear objectives for each class
  • Communicating the process to submit assignments
  • Keeping office hours or offering online tutoring so students can reach out with questions and concerns

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