Step 1


To start your online tutoring sessions, you'll need to create a user profile for yourself or your child that highlights the subjects they need tutoring for. Select one of three packages to get started with Mr. A+, the bronze, silver, or gold package. Select the student's availability throughout a typical school week, and our admin will pair you with a Tutor that meets your student's needs.

The tutor and student will then have a demo meeting where they can get to know more about one another and make sure that it will be a good fit.
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Step 2


After the initial meeting, the tutoring session will begin. The package you selected will determine how often your student meets with their tutor.

Each session will be catered to the student to turn their struggles into strengths. The tutor will focus on the school work the student has been assigned and proceed to further detail to make sure they know the reasoning behind their answers. Tutors will also offer demo questions for students to practice before their next meeting.

Step 3


At the end of the session, our tutors will review everything they have gone over that day with your student. The tutor will make sure your students understand the concepts and can apply them to their schoolwork.

Parents are welcome and encouraged to sit in on the review portion of the tutor session to understand what it is their student is learning and still struggling with.

At this point, our tutors will ask for feedback form both the student and parent to ensure satisfaction and continually improve our services.

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