MERRYL LOPIDO is tutor of Biology & Chemistryis smiling and wearing specters- Mr. A+ Tutoring

Merryl Lopido

Biology, Chemistry

My name is Merryl Lopido. I’m a proud University of Arizona alumna, and I currently work for the UA Health Sciences as an instructional technology professional. I was a secondary school science teacher for 4 years, before accepting a position at UA last fall. I have also been a science tutor for Mr. A+ Academy for 3 years now. I’m excited to still be a part of this company today as we expand our vision of helping students achieve their best potential to a larger scale through online tutoring.

When I’m not working, you can usually find me exploring the amazing local food scene of Tucson, or out in the many hiking trails we are lucky to have at our disposal, enjoying some fresh air and beautiful desert landscapes (except in the summer when AZ heat gets a tad bit unbearable, then I’m cooped up at home watching the latest comedy specials on Netflix).