LEAMON CROOMS is Senior Executive at Mr. A+ Tutoring

Leamon Crooms, MBA

Senior Executive

Education is a “game-changer”. In my family, we have personal experience with the significant impact a quality education can make in just one generation. Personally, I have taught at the University level as an adjunct lecturer, and served on the board of a local private middle and high school for 6 years. Three years ago we started using Mr. A+ as a tutor for our youngest son, and witnessed an incredible transformation in his test scores and grades. Hank and the Mr. A+ team helped him improve his understanding of the course content, build confidence and skills for test-taking, and improved his outcomes by two to three full letter grades. We witnessed first-hand the impact that a quality tutor with a research-based approach can make on our student’s results, and on his love of learning.

As the Chief of Operations for Mr. A+ online, I ensure that we are getting our story out to the marketplace, and that our technology and processes fully support the mission of our tutors and meet the needs of our students and their families.