HANK HU is Founder of Mr. A+ Tutoringis smiling and wearing specters

Hank Hu, MS

Founder/"Mr. A+"/Calculus/Physics

My name is Hank Hu. I am the founder of Mr.A+ Academy. I graduate from University of Arizona with B.A in anthropology, B.S in mathematics and M.A in education. In 2017, I have created this new system of tutoring and teaching based on my background as a mathematician and in-class teacher both in Asia and the United State.

I am also a FIFA licensed soccer coach and a bar pianist. I believe that education is not just for academics but a pathway to successful life. After 4 years of running Mr.A+, we have developed an efficient way to help every student. While we focus the result of academics, we also build confidence in students and teach them how to handle challenges in life.