Online school is a new way of learning for most students. Unfortunately, it’s often not as engaging as learning in a classroom with a teacher and peers.

To help parents aid in their children’s learning adventures, we’ve compiled three ways to keep your kids engaged and involved during online school.

  1. Virtual field trips. Bring a topic to life with a virtual field trip. Are they studying ecosystems? The Nature Conservancy’s virtual trips offer a first-hand look at many of the world’s ecosystems. Get a glimpse of the surface of Mars thanks to the Curiosity rover. There many other great options for virtual field trips, including the Smithsonian, National Constitution Center, and 360 Cities.
  2. Maintain a schedule. It seems like a no-brainer, but kids of all ages thrive on routine. If your online school follows an in-person format, build the daily schedule around live-streamed class times. If your platform is free-form and lets students learn at their own pace, keep a consistent schedule. Even if you choose to let your kids sleep in a bit longer than they would on a “typical” school day, be sure they are up and ready to work at the same time each day.
  3. Make learning fun. Point your child to fun activities that build on what they’re learning in school. PBS Kids offers tons of free games and engaging learning activities. GoNoodle employs a whole-child approach to learning and includes plenty of ways to get young kids active and moving. Scholastic StudyJams offers interactive tools for elementary and middle school students. And while they may not all teach heavy-duty math skills, kids love playing Cool Math Games. Consider using these gaming opportunities as a reward for completing classwork.

Have other suggestions to keep kids engaged during online school? Please share them with us!