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As the name would suggest, pre-calculus is a full year of study devoted to preparing students to take calculus. It will cover a wide range of topics, including radians, angles, matrices, and analysis. Pre-calc draws on a number of previous concepts covered in past subjects, such as trigonometry, geometry, and algebra 2. However, the sheer amount of material may make students feel as though they’ve been thrown into the deep end.

Memorization + Problem Solving 

Pre-calculus does include standard equation solving, but it also requires a student to commit a lot of information to memory as well. Some of these concepts may have already been covered in a trigonometry or geometry class, but it’s likely that the more complicated aspects will have been forgotten from one year to the next. It all boils down to a demanding and challenging class that can leave many students wondering how they’ll ever catch up.

Finding a Life Raft 

Tucson calculus tutors can be a light in the dark  for students who feel like they can’t make sense of the numbers, letters, and terms in front of them. Pre-calc is not a class where students can simply arrive at the correct answer. They need to show the logic and proof as to why they took each step. The right calculus tutoring can help teenagers divide and conquer even the most complex of problems. 

College-level math usually starts at the calculus level, making it necessary for students to prepare while they’re still in high school. This class can also be a springboard into taking Calculus before starting their university career. As difficult as this course can be, the benefits are well worth the hard work as teenagers prepare to enter the next phase of higher education.