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Physics & AP Physics

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The study of physics examines the delicate forces behind movement. The subject applies different equations to determine how an object will move, how much energy it will use, and how long it will stay in motion. It’s a fundamental discipline used to better understand everything from atoms to planets.

A Mathematical Core 

More so than disciplines like biology and chemistry,  the heart of physics is math. In a general physics course, a student will need solid algebraic skills to calculate everything from velocity to mass. Higher level physics will rely on calculus fundamentals to better illustrate how direction is influenced by competing forces. Students who are interested in pursuing fields like astronomy or engineering will want to pay extra attention to how the theories behind physics govern the world around them.

A Simpler Approach 

An AP Physics class will be geared toward the material covered on the AP physics test, which will allow students to place out of their introductory college level courses. A general physics class will cover the general fundamentals of physics, but may not give a student enough of a foundation to pass this difficult exam. But regardless of the type of class that a student is taking, Tucson physics tutors can go a long way toward helping them break down difficult problems into more digestible pieces.

It’s entirely normal for students to find physics a challenge, but that doesn’t mean they’re incapable of understanding it. Having the right academic assistance by a student’s side can be crucial to their success, even if they’ll be skipping the AP test at the end of the year. For anyone who wants to get a better grasp on rotations and torque, physics tutoring can be the key to working it all out.