The subject of history has always had a reputation for being dry or even boring to many students. Wars waged and won and fallen empires don’t always come across as the exciting events that they actually were when they occurred. But history isn’t just memorizing dates  and regurgitating long-gone political policies. It’s an in-depth look of how humanity and culture has evolved over the centuries. Understanding the past will always be a critical tool for predicting better goals for the future, making this a crucial course for all students. 

Connecting the Dots 

It’s not always easy to see how world history connects with American history, or how a dictator in South America compares with the kings and queens of 18th Century France. That’s why the right tutor can help a student really begin to draw conclusions about different events and express how one relates to another. A tutor can show a student how they can view a law or doctrine in the context of the ideology it was built upon.

Strengthens Analytical Reasoning 

How a group of people or a country reacts to different milestones in history has everything to do with the emotional climate of the day. Some events go unnoticed, even though they create catastrophic ripples throughout the world. Others are treated with more gravity, even when they only affect one or a very select few people. Finally, some actions have unintended consequences that are only understood long after they’re implemented.

Tucson history tutors can help a student analyze the lessons  in order to formulate well-reasoned arguments and essays. History tutoring is more than just writing flashcards and committing different years to memory. It’s an exercise in thought that will be useful both now and during their college career.