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Geometry is a shift for many students, taking them from a world of numbers and equal signs to a land where pictures rule their worksheets and textbooks. Instead of dividing numbers and isolating coefficients, students are expected to calculate angles, memorize formulas, and apply various theorems to different problems.

This seemingly hard left turn from Pre-Algebra or Algebra can quickly throw a wrench into the student’s learning style. That’s why it helps to have the right academic support to help fill in the gaps when a textbook or general instructor can’t.

Seize the Opportunity

This course has a lot of potential behind it, even for students who are initially struggling. The shapes presented in Geometry 1 can actually make each lesson more concrete  because it’s easy to look up from a page and see the hidden triangles and circles in everyday objects. This can make the subject matter become more relatable for students as they find ways to apply geometry principles to their lives.

How Geometry Tutoring Can Help

Geometry might be less abstract than other types of math, but that doesn’t make it a simple subject. From circles to squares to triangles, the concepts and calculations can present serious obstacles toward a higher understanding. Non-visual learners may struggle with how the shapes correspond to the equations or how to best construct different kinds of proofs.

Tucson geometry tutors are available to work with students so they can better understand when to apply different concepts and formulas to different equations. Tutoring can not only help a child with the tests of today, but it can also prepare them for the SAT of tomorrow.  They’ll be expected to know and apply geometric principles on the SAT and geometry tutoring can be the key to getting them ready to boost their scores.