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Students who reach calculus have already demonstrated a proficiency in math, having taken and passed everything from geometry to pre-calculus. But even those who have excelled in the past might find that calculus has taken the basic concepts they’ve already learned into uncharted territory.

Understanding Calculus 

This subject is essentially the study of change, and covers differential equations, vectors, multi variables, and integrals. It can be applied to a number of practical pursuits, such as engineering, physics, and statistics. But even if a student isn’t planning to enter a more technical profession, that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t take this course.

The equations and concepts are structured to teach teenagers how the world moves around them. The analytical skills they learn here will be invaluable, regardless of whether they become a world-class mathematician  or a painter.

Getting Ready 

Taking calculus before entering a university can potentially earn teenagers valuable college credit, giving them a headstart in their studies and taking one more thing off their plates. By testing out of calculus, they can choose to take higher math as a freshman or move onto other subjects. For those who need a little help in mastering the art of functions, you can find Tucson calculus tutors who are ready to help.

The core fundamentals of calculus have already been covered in previous classes, which may make students feel like they should be able to move through calculus without struggling. But after years of viewing equations in one light, students are essentially asked to switch gears to study the rate and behavior of dynamic objects.

It’s easy to see why teenagers may not pick up on each new lesson as quickly as they’d like. Even if a student has never needed extra help before, calculus tutoring can give them an edge to start acing the tests rather than just getting by.