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AP Calculus

AP calculus will generally cover both Calculus I and Calculus II  for the purposes of helping a student place out of the course by the time they reach their freshman year of college. Whether a student chooses to go onto higher math to pursue an engineering or physics degree or they just need to fulfill certain requirements in order to graduate, AP Calculus can be an excellent solution for a student who wants to maximize their academic potential as an upperclassman. 

A New Horizon 

Even more so than a typical calculus class, an AP class will be unrelenting at introducing new concepts. If a student is unable to keep up with the complexities of analytical geometry, all the extra credit in the world won’t help them pass the AP test at the end of the year. Depending on the college they choose, they may need at least a 4 to test out of both semesters of college calculus. So it’s all too important to address potential obstacles immediately rather than waiting until it’s too late. 

Finding Help 

Calculus tutoring can go a long way for helping a student cut down on the amount of time it takes to solve each problem. With a blend of expert explanations and practice problems, they can get their questions answered in real-time. (This is also a great opportunity for students to get additional exposure to questions that will likely be on the test.) From fundamental theorems to vector functions and limits,  tutoring identifies and isolates the confusing concepts and then works to clarify them.

As nerve-wracking as test-taking can be, AP calculus is a year-long investment that ends with a pivotal final exam. Having the right Tucson calculus tutors by a student’s side can be exactly what they need so they can successfully prepare for the test date rather than count down the days in dread.