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Algebra 1

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After your student has conquered the world of Pre-Algebra, they’re ready to take the next step to Algebra 1. This course will expand on the skills they’ve already learned, so they can evaluate different kinds of equations and develop deeper problem-solving skills  that can be applied to a wide variety of topics. From inequalities to polynomials, Algebra 1 introduces complex expressions that will require a student to work with both letters and numbers to arrive at the correct answer.

The Value of a Tutor

The right Tucson algebra tutors can make a serious difference when it comes to how a student processes the theory behind the techniques. Math has a reputation for being a dry subject, one that doesn’t always seem to have much relevance to the real world. (Even hearing words like exponents and quadratic can quickly cause a teenager to tune out.) But Algebra 1 sets the foundation for all math classes, making it an important one to master.

Going Beyond the Basics

Algebra tutoring makes it possible for a student to break down the components of abstractions like  absolute value and rational expressions. In other words, a good tutor won’t just teach a child to solve equations in a rote fashion, but will fine-tune the student’s grasp on the subject so they can solve an array of problems (even when they don’t look exactly like those found in a book).

This skill will be inherently important for college, where they’ll need critical thinking skills  to excel. Basic Algebra is also heavily featured on assessment tests like the SAT and ACT. A good tutor will quickly assess a student’s learning style before explaining things in a way that they’ll understand.