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6th, 7th, & 8th Pre-Algebra

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As a student prepares for high school, they can expect their math courses to present the foundational concepts they need to excel in the subject. After they’ve mastered basic arithmetic, they can move onto word problems, variables, and basic graphing equations. As they cover lessons on fractions, integers, and decimals, they may begin to feel lost along the way though.

Ramping Up 

Each new grade level is designed to build on the previous one. A sixth grade class might require a student to memorize the order of operations, where they’ll be expected to manipulate equations with multiple signs. A seventh grade class might cover the theory behind negative numbers or how to use a standard plane to map the slope of a line. Eighth grade may go so far as to introduce double-sided variables, geometric principles, and scientific notation.

Getting Stuck 

The study skills a child learns in middle school  will are a major predictive factor for high school (and eventually college). If your student is getting stuck on a unit or having a difficult time applying what they’ve already learned to a new lesson, it may be time for pre-algebra tutoring. Instead of waiting until they get to algebra only to become even more frustrated with the material, the right academic support can straighten them out long before they veer entirely off course.

Tucson pre-algebra tutors know the value of confidence in a young child. If they feel empowered to try different kinds of equations, they’ll be that much more successful — not just in math but in every subject they take. It’s all too easy for a child to run across a problem they don’t understand and to keep quiet about it until it’s too late. A good tutor will catch and correct this approach before it turns into a lifelong habit.