Mathematics is the study of numbers, space, and change. From adding and subtracting whole numbers to calculating the derivative of a function, each subject builds on the previous one to give a student a better idea of how concepts relate to one another. In pre-algebra, a student sets a foundation for understanding more complex concepts. They practice the order of operations, interpret word problems, and learn to graph different equations. If they have trouble from an early age, math tutors are available to get them back on track. From there, students move to Algebra 1, getting deeper into the world of variables, ratios, and absolute values. In Geometry, a student will absorb the principles behind shapes and angles, creating equations that will reveal the numbers that lay just behind the figures on the page. Online tutoring can further help them set the stage as they transition from one lesson plan to the next. Subjects like Algebra 2 and trigonometry will further build upon these formative classes, allowing students to connect the patterns and use them in creative ways to reach new solutions. As students head into subjects like pre-calc and AP calculus, they begin to truly hone their skills of showing mathematical proof, using structures, models, and formulas to build a hypothesis and then test it. Whether a student wants to become a celebrated mathematician or they just want to master integers, math tutoring is a proven way to do more than bring them up to speed. The right online math tutors will go beyond what’s on the page, giving a student insight and perspective that will set them up to truly understand the material rather than just repeat the formulas from memory. Because math is necessary in a number of fields, including finance and engineering, online math tutoring can really set children and teens up for success no matter what career path they choose.
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Algebra 1

After your student has conquered the world of Pre-Algebra, they’re ready to take the next step to Algebra 1. This course will expand on the skills they’ve already learned, so they can evaluate different kinds of equations and develop deeper problem-solving skills  that can be applied to a wide variety of topics. From inequalities to polynomials, Algebra 1 introduces complex expressions that will require a student to work with both letters and numbers to arrive at the correct answer.

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Algebra 2

Inching your way up the ladder in algebra means tackling complex numbers, logarithms, and polynomials. As the equations advance, it’s all too easy to become lost in a world of base factors and imaginary numbers. Untangling the mess to find a clear path forward  may mean getting a little extra help along the way.

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Geometry is a shift for many students, taking them from a world of numbers and equal signs to a land where pictures rule their worksheets and textbooks. Instead of dividing numbers and isolating coefficients, students are expected to calculate angles, memorize formulas, and apply various theorems to different problems.

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As the name would suggest, pre-calculus is a full year of study devoted to preparing students to take calculus. It will cover a wide range of topics, including radians, angles, matrices, and analysis. Pre-calc draws on a number of previous concepts covered in past subjects, such as trigonometry, geometry, and algebra 2. However, the sheer amount of material may make students feel as though they’ve been thrown into the deep end.

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Students who reach calculus have already demonstrated a proficiency in math, having taken and passed everything from geometry to pre-calculus. But even those who have excelled in the past might find that calculus has taken the basic concepts they’ve already learned into uncharted territory.

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AP Calculus

AP calculus will generally cover both Calculus I and Calculus II  for the purposes of helping a student place out of the course by the time they reach their freshman year of college. Whether a student chooses to go onto higher math to pursue an engineering or physics degree or they just need to fulfill certain requirements in order to graduate, AP Calculus can be an excellent solution for a student who wants to maximize their academic potential as an upperclassman. 

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