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Distance learning is here. Whether we, as parents, are prepared doesn’t matter. What’s important now is helping our children prepare to learn online, study at night, and get assignments turned in on time. But how? 

At Mr. A+ Academy, we’re Tucson tutors who are experts at adaptive learning. And while full distance learning is a challenge, it’s one we’re undertaking with enthusiasm. We’d like to help you and  your student find enthusiasm, too. That’s why we’ve put together this short list of helpful tips to prepare your child for a successful launch. 

1. Prep Your Child’s “Stage”

Designate a space in your home as the online stage. This can be a small portion of your kitchen table, your child’s desk, or a well-lit area of your finished basement. Regardless, let your student know that this is where they will learn online each morning. 

2. Reduce Distractions

Set up where there are no cats to walk across keyboards and no parents busy opening and closing cupboard doors in the background. Quiet and well-lit and conducive to study are standard. 

3. Use a Color-Coded Calendar

Consider having a separate calender for each student. The calendar goes in their learning space and is color-coded so they can easily see which classes will be covered each day. If possible, use a daily planner that offers convenient slots for each hour of the day.

4. Emphasize Written Reminders

Your child’s calendar can double as the place they jot down homework reminders. Even if all the work is being completed and turned in via a digital format, having written reminders is always helpful. 

5. Keep to a Daily Schedule

Calendar app on tablet computer with planning of the week with appointments, events, tasks, and meeting. Hands holding device, time management concept, organization of working hours planner, schedule

For many families, this is the biggest challenge. When there’s no bus to catch in the morning, and no reason to get dressed, life can become too relaxed. Make up a schedule before the day, and get your student’s input. Have a set time for getting up. Require students to get dressed just as they would for regular school, and stress the importance of good grooming.

6. Have Nutritious Meals Ready

Breakfast can be as simple as a healthy snack such as apples and peanut butter. It doesn’t have to be a huge affair that runs everyone late and starts the day off with stress. Have a nutritious lunch available when it’s time for break, and try to get the kids outside for a bit after the online day ends. 

7. Set a Reasonable Bedtime

Online learning Tucson comes with complications that in-person learning doesn’t. There’s always that temptation to stay up too late at night and the appeal of staying in bed to log in. But take our advice and resist. Beginning the school year with no expectations in place makes everything more difficult — both for your students and for yourself. Set healthy expectations, provide needed support, and require your students to follow through.

Mr. A+ Academy, your Tucson tutors, stand ready to make this school year fun and productive for everyone involved. Call us today for more information on online learning Tucson.